Thursday, July 28, 2016

six months in and we're doing fine

Well, hi.

I have been itching to get an update on the blog about the two little ones that keep me from having time to blog. Ha. (I don't really blame them...entirely!)

It's been a couple of months, and I have to agree it's mostly true about what they say how the second child is not quite as "well-documented." I do give myself some credit because I believe I have taken nearly the same amount of photos as Maisy so far. But her baby book is looking quite scarce, and we can all see the amount of time since I last blogged about her. I don't feel too bad about this because I am instead pouring all of my time and energy and brain power into spending time with her and her brother all day, every day, and then using my last bit of energy and coherence at the end of those days to hang out with their father. 

So, when you look at my blog one day, Maisy Kate, I am sorry you may not read as much about yourself when you were a baby. When you were a baby, Mommy gave up blogging most of the time because she was trying to rest and sleep instead. That way, when you were awake and it was impossible to blog entirely, I could play with you and Graeme and we could have lots of fun. I do love you so. And you were a super cute and fun baby.

My best girl

To try to make up for it a little bit, here's some updates about our Maisy girl...

She's almost seven months old now! I remember when I was very early on in my pregnancy with Maisy, a lady at PDQ (a restaurant kind of like Chick-fil-a for those who don't know) with kids similar in age difference to what we would have told us, "Just get to six months. It's all going to get much easier after six months." I don't even remember why we talked to her or how it came up that I was pregnant.

We've received much advice as we have embarked on this "two young children thing," but for some reason I've remembered random PDQ lady's words. Maybe it's not true for everyone, but for me, YES. I can't even really say the first six months were bad or anything, but in the past month since Maisy has turned six-months-old, everything just seems better. I'm sure it's due to many reasons.

  • I'm getting more sleep now. This is probably the main cause of my fog being lifted. Ha. Both kids are in their beds asleep for 11 hours every night. Praise to God.
  • She's on a four-hour schedule now. She eats breakfast and lunch at the same time as us. Her dinner time is earlier but then she's happy to eat puffs or Cheerios while we eat. And she still takes three naps. One of her naps coincides with Graeme's nap. Hooray. The four-hour schedule is like a billion times better than a three-hour schedule as long as they're ready for it! The hard part is being patient enough to wait to switch to it!
  • She's eating several foods now and the pediatrician's all like, "She can try almost anything. The allergy people are wrong again." (Still no honey, or milk, or choking hazards, obviously.) So I'm not panicking about her accidentally eating something she shouldn't as much as I was with Graeme. She's had peanut butter several times already and it's one of her favorite things! She loves food and is way more interested in what we are eating than Graeme ever seemed to be at her age. 
  • She can sit up on her own and play which makes her so much happier. She wants to get moving, so we will see how much longer before she does. I have a feeling it won't be long!
  • Graeme finally acknowledges her existence! He even tries to play with her sometimes! And I think he is really starting to like having her around. It makes my heart so happy! He tries to get her to say "Da-Da" and "Bye-Bye." She says those sounds often, but we don't think she associates them as what they are yet. And he also loves to get her to clap.
  • She "talks" and laughs and her personality is really adorable. And dramatic. She might be a bit more like her Daddy... She has always been a joy, but there's something about six months going by and now she is at a stage that's so. much. fun. 

Since Maisy is able to follow along more with Graeme's schedule now, we are getting back to a routine that doesn't require us to split in half all of the time. For the first six months, they never ate at the same time, never took a bath at the same time, never went to bed at the same time, etc. The bedtime routine was especially not very fun because we had to split them up to get everything done. Now, we can all sit down for dinner together and it's not as rushed as it was before. They play and take a bath together (we are even conserving more water!) before pajamas. And then Maisy can have her bedtime bottle while we all sit for some books together. Aaron and Graeme read a few more books while I put Maisy in her bed. Then Graeme gets one more potty break before he goes to bed. It's still a lot of work, and it's definitely still more of a two-person job, but I can verify that it's a lot more fun than it was before!

And the firstborn...

Graeme is getting close to being 2.5 years now! Crazy! He is still our little talker and he is hilarious. I can't even keep track of all of the funny stuff he says everyday and I know it's probably only funny to us because he's our kid. His imagination is growing too. The other day he was playing with his Disney castle and using a giraffe and a dinosaur who were "best friends." Graeme, playing with the giraffe, kept saying, "Where's my best friend dinosaur?" So, obviously, he cracks us up.

He loves reading books and we have made a point to use the brand new library by our house quite often. We have found lots of books he likes and we check them out when they are on the shelf. He memorizes books after hearing them a few times and helps us "read" them.

He still loves trucks, but has in the past couple of months taken an extreme interest in trains. Namely Thomas and Friends, much to Aaron's initial horror. Aaron very much disliked the idea of Thomas "because he's creepy-looking", but he was out-ruled seeing as Graeme loved watching it and his Mimi kept buying him different Thomas engines. Aaron has come around to Thomas, and you can often find him playing at the train table with Graeme. Graeme's train vocabulary is also hysterical as it consists of phrases like "Oh, the indignity!," "Sir Topham Hatt was very cross!," and "The troublesome trucks pushed Thomas into the buffer!"

We are also still big Disney/Pixar Cars fans too. But not so much sports. Seeing as Graeme yesterday saw his soccer ball outside and said, "Here's my basketball!" Haha.

Graeme is a pretty picky eater. I am hoping he outgrows it. Some days he surprises me like when he devoured broccoli last week. But of course when I made broccoli on Monday he refused to even put it on his fork. Good grief. He finally has all four two-year molars in and he loves brushing his teeth with his "brush teeth."

I am loving this stage we are in right now. Yes, I'm definitely tired, and no, there's not much time for sitting and blogging. But I would highly recommend this "two children" thing. It's double the work to get out the door, double the tears and crying, double the dishes, double the laundry, double the worrying about something and checking the internet to scare myself further, double the tired-feeling. But overshadowing all of those things is double the laughs, double the hugs and kisses, double the snuggles and books, double the cuteness, double the smiles, double our hearts loving them each so much, double the fun, double the thankfulness that we have these two little humans entrusted to us.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Maisy is four months! (And some stuff about Graeme too)

Now that Maisy is almost five months old, I figured it would be a good time to get some sort of post up about her turning four months. Time flies and I haven't made time to sit down and write until now. Oh well.

Happy (belated) four months to Maisy on the blog!

She had her four month well-visit and she weighed 13 pounds, 2 ounces and was 25 inches long. She has gained exactly 5 pounds and grown exactly 4 inches since birth. Her height is up there in the 76% but she's pretty lightweight and only in the 26% for weight. Graeme was already over 17 pounds at four months, so Maisy feels so small to us! Haha. We are so thankful that she is healthy and growing right on track.

Maisy had a busy third month of life in April.

  1. She slept through the night. (Hallelujah!) She doesn't sleep all night every night, but she has done it several times and I think by the time she turns five months she will be pretty consistent with it. Of course by "sleep through the night," I mean we dream feed her, so she is sleeping for 12ish hours but still eating once before we go to bed late at night. Aaron is a true gem and usually does this feeding as I can barely stay awake past 9pm. On the nights she has slept all night, she does wake up for comfort maybe one other time, but will go back to sleep with a pat on her back or her pacifier and doesn't need to eat. I never know what nights she will sleep all night and what nights she won't, but when she does, it's glorious.
  2. She rolls from back to tummy, although I still haven't seen her do this. She has done it twice during the daytime (both times I was occupied with Graeme), and she has done it a few times at night in her crib. At night it causes her to wake up crying because she apparently does not like to sleep on her tummy. This is funny to me because Graeme slept on his tummy as soon as he could and has never stopped.
  3. She laughs! It's just the best thing ever to hear a baby laugh. Maisy is super ticklish and her giggles usually come out because we are tickling her. But she will also laugh at something we say or a sound we make every once in awhile. She thinks Graeme is the most hilarious of course, seeing as he is the only one who has no interest in making her laugh. Ha!
  4. She is getting quite efficient at reaching and grasping toys and chewing on them. And also throwing them when she loses interest. A lot of her toys are passed down from Graeme, who actually got almost all of his toys from Bensen and Keyen. But we have bought her a few pink, girly toys of course.
  5. She has developed a little bit of separation anxiety already. Depending on her mood, she may or may not want to be out of my arms. She is pretty obsessed with her Mommy. I do not mind this.
  6. She is super observant and does not like to be left out of what's going on around her. You can already see the desire in her to move and be in on the action. Maybe she will crawl early.

She will be five months old in just a couple of weeks, crazily enough! She is so pretty and her eyes make me swoon. We are so in love with this little princess.

And because I hate to leave him out entirely, here's a quick update on Graeme Grayson:

  1. He's really and truly potty trained! Woo hoo! His accidents are becoming few and far between. He still wears a Pull-Up for bedtimes, and sometimes he will wear one out and about depending on where we are going and how long it takes to get there. I am so, so, so glad we decided to potty train him this early. It's wonderful.
  2. He moved up to the two-year-old class at church. This transition probably would have been hard and we would have had a few weeks of tears as we dropped him off in a new environment, but lucky for him, his grandparents and aunt and uncle are the teachers in his new class. So, of course, he's in heaven. In his previous class, it was mostly just free-for-all playtime, and now he is in a class where there are no toys. They have structured activities and crafts and a large group time. Since I have the inside scoop from my mom, I know he only had one little moment of panic his very first day. Now, he loves it and he is learning so much. Tonight, randomly, he said "God made the birds!" I concurred that was right and said, "Yeah! God made everything!" And he followed up with "God made my trains!" Oh, how I have been praying for these moments since he was born. We are witnesses to his little mind first learning about the inexplainable power and love of God. 
  3. He loves the library and we have been checking out about 20 books every time we go. If it's a book about trucks, it's pretty much a guarantee he will love it. We have been to story time a few times. He likes the songs the most. And the bubbles at the end.
  4. He knows his full name, who's in his family, and how old he is. It took a few days for him to remember that he was two. At first, when I would ask him his age, he would say, "Strong!"
  5. We are biased, but he's so stinking smart. I wish I could record him all he time because I can't even keep track of everything he says anymore. But every day, at least once, I think to myself, "How in the world does he know that?" Like in the bathroom the other day, he pointed to the bathroom fan on the ceiling and said, "Is that a smoke alarm?" I was surprised at how well he formed a question, and that he remembered about a smoke alarm from the one book we have checked out of the library that mentions it. He blows my mind.
  6. He's sweet, and I hope he always is. Today, he said, "Thank you for walking with me, Mommy!" and also, "I love Cheerios!" out of the blue, and "That's a good idea, Mommy!" at my suggestion of where to put something. 
And, thank goodness, he will finally eat ice cream!

Me and my two kiddos.

Monday, April 18, 2016

adventures in potty training

When I was pregnant with Maisy I thought to myself how nice it would be if Graeme was potty-trained before she arrived. Well, I'm sure it would have been nice. But it didn't quite work out that way.

He is, as I've said, very smart and verbal for his age and I thought he would catch on pretty quickly. When he was around 19 months old I tried the 3-day potty training "boot camp" of sorts where you can train them in just one weekend. He understood the concept and for awhile that first morning he was excited to pee in the potty. But things took a turn and we didn't even make it all the way through day one because he started to sob and scream and cling to me for dear life when I would try to put him on the potty. He was overwhelmed and we both ended up in tears. We clearly needed to wait.

I thought we would put the potties away for a few weeks and try again and still have time to train before Maisy was born. But when a few weeks went by and I was then just a few weeks away from having a baby, I was miserable and the thought of wrangling a toddler to the potty a bajillion times a day and cleaning up accidents off the floor sounded like unneeded torture for everyone.

I knew it was definitely not the end of the world to have two kids in diapers for awhile and when he was ready and I was ready, it would happen.

Fast forward...

Maisy was born January 4th and all was wonderful and happy. Potty-training moved way down on the list of things that needed to happen. Graeme was already dealing with enough transitions and a newborn requires quite a bit of attention.

After a few weeks of her being here and as his second birthday approached, the potty started to come up in conversation again. Like all little boys, it was pretty much a guarantee that he would start peeing as soon as he got in the bath every night. Aaron thought it would be a good start to try letting him go on the potty right before his bath. Graeme liked this idea and he would sit there and talk about "His pee pee coming," and "Push it out!" and clearly he understood what should happen. But night after night he refused to actually ever pee on the potty and when we finally gave up he would go in the tub while saying "Pee pee in the tub!" We would *face palm* and say, "No, Buddy, pee pee goes in the potty! Where does pee pee go?" "In the potty!" he would exclaim. Oh the mysterious minds of toddlers.

He began to take notice of the underwear in his dresser (that I had purchased for our previous potty adventure) and pulled it out almost daily. I would tell him that it was for when he didn't wear diapers anymore. So he would say "Wear underwear when I don't need diapers anymore!" "Yeah Buddy! Do you want to try going to the potty?" "No." *face palm*

He also started to complain about having his diaper changed all of the time and I would tell him "You don't have to have your diaper changed anymore if you go in the potty. Do you want to go to the potty?" "NO!" Another *face palm*

So, it was clear that he would need a little push to get this thing started.

At the beginning of April I worked up my nerve that this was the month that we would try again. I had to wait until this past weekend because we had already scheduled plans for the first two weekends of April. I set up a sleepover for Maisy with my parents so we would be able to focus even more on the task at hand.

I didn't want to do the intense "boot camp" again, although I figured I would use parts of it. Graeme doesn't do well with a lot of pressure. Or a lot of change. I definitely didn't want to scare him away from the potty again so I figured we would try to keep our day as normal as possible. I bought him a few cheap little "prizes," as well as some "Cars" stickers to put on a "Potty Chart" that I made on computer paper (Because he clearly can't read nor does he care about my lack of fancy chart abilities). I knew we also had some Easter candy in the pantry for extra reinforcement.

Spoiler alert: the chart is full so we did have success!

I bought Pull-Ups too. The book I had read before said there was nothing wrong with Pull-Ups per se, but that they could confuse kids because they basically feel like a diaper. I bought them with the intention of using them on outings for awhile and plan to mostly use them over a pair of regular underwear so he will still feel the uncomfortable wet when he has an accident. And I knew it was also completely normal and expected that he would still wear a diaper for naps and at night. The book also said to just use your pure excitement as motivation for them to go on the potty. For Graeme, I knew the tangible motivation would work way better.

We started on Friday morning. I knew as soon as we could get him to go on the potty for the first time we would be getting somewhere. But until then, it would be a bit tricky. He sat on the potty after I got him out of bed that morning, but wouldn't pee. That's okay...I literally have no expectations for how this day will pan out.

I put a pair of underwear on him and we headed downstairs. My sister-in-law gave us a few waterproof mattress covers that we covered the couch with so he could sit on it like he does every morning. (He is a routine kid through and through.) I turned the TV on for him and got him his milk and sat him on the little potty that we put in the living room. Nothing. We moved on to breakfast.

The morning went on and he peed in his underwear a few times. We kept reminding him that pee pee goes in the potty and that he could have lots of fun things if he would do it. Finally, we got him to sit on the potty long enough that he peed! We made a huge deal. "Here's a new little Hot Wheels truck! Here's two Skittles to eat at 8am! Let's put a sticker on your chart!"

He was so happy and from then on he had a much better idea of what he needed to do. We kept up the stickers and candy that first day and would give him a little toy every few stickers he added to his chart.

Unfortunately for Aaron, I had a doctor's appointment that morning that I really needed to go to. I had to leave him with Maisy and Graeme on potty patrol alone for almost two hours. Aaron somehow survived, and Graeme had a few accidents but also went on the potty a couple more times while I was gone.

When I got home, it was nap time, and we could all regroup for a bit. I put a diaper on him before nap (which he immediately pooped in of course). After a little bit of lamenting the fact that I was changing yet another diaper on this kid, I put a clean diaper on him and he was sound asleep right away from all of his hard work that morning.

After nap time, Aaron took Maisy to my parents and Graeme and I stayed home to keep on potty-ing on. I started to implement a new strategy of reminding him literally twice a minute to "Keep your underwear dry." And lo and behold, it worked. He didn't have another accident the rest of the day. I just made sure to also make him at least try to pee every 20 minutes or so.

Friday night, when he was snug in bed with a diaper on (at that point, a diaper I was relieved to put on), Aaron and I crashed on the couch with Chili's Take-Out and celebrated a good, hard day's work. And it was just the beginning!

There were still five dry pairs after that first day...out of like 15!

Graeme continued to do really well all weekend. Saturday he only had two little pee pee accidents in the morning. We decided that an outing was in order for the three of us. We haven't had a day to only spend with Graeme in months so we wanted him to have fun and not just be sitting on the potty all day. We drove to the grand-opening of the new library. Graeme had a Pull-Up on over his underwear. We brought the little potty in the van and we tried to get him to use it before we went inside the library. He was not interested. Oh well, at least I knew it was pointless for me to lug that with me everywhere.

Once inside, we let him run around for a few minutes while we constantly reminded him to stay dry. I wasn't sure how he would react to going potty somewhere else besides home, let alone on a big potty. But, there's a first time for everything. I took him to the bathroom and he went with hardly any trouble. I was SO proud of him! He went one more time at the library before we left and then we went to Chick-fil-a for lunch. He used their bathroom twice! I was really quite surprised by how easy his first outing potty-training was.

We went home for nap time after lunch and celebrated that he kept his underwear dry the entire time we were out.

He did really well the rest of Saturday with no more potty accidents.

On Sunday, I figured church would be an interesting experience for him. I took him potty before I dropped him off at his class and he peed. I wasn't going to make his teachers mess with wet or dirty underwear so I put a Pull-Up on him. We laugh with his teachers because every Sunday he goes in the little tent in his class to do his "duty." His classroom is so busy I knew that it really wasn't possible for them to take him potty because he still won't tell anyone when he needs to go. I definitely didn't expect or want them to have the job of trying to take him to the potty every 20 minutes either. Sure enough, when I picked him up, his Pull-Up was full. Oh well. It wasn't wet, so that was something! He peed on the potty again and we made it home with dry underwear.

Sunday was another good day and he even accomplished pooping on the potty after dinner for the first time. Oh, the things we celebrate as parents! I had no idea how proud I could be of someone's bodily waste in a toilet. I decided it was time to make this officially official and take the changing pad out of his room. Hallelujah. Although it made Aaron cry almost!

It's just a dresser now!

And here we are today, Monday. He went to Marbles with Aaron this morning for a little bit and then went to my parents for the day. He had a little accident this morning but it was the "number 2" again that tripped him up. I think it will just take a little more time for him to figure that one out.

He's doing so well and I am really, really proud of him. I think the reminders to keep his underwear dry will be important for him for at least a few weeks until he can remember himself. His only other set-back is that he sometimes has a hard time stopping the fun thing he is doing to try to go potty and he will just sit there on the potty and cry instead of just going and being done with it quickly! If only toddlers could understand that logic! Ha! We'll just keep on singing that good ol' Daniel Tiger toon and see what else this potty training adventure has in store for us...

"If you have to go potty, STOP and go right away! Flush and wash and be on your way!"

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Maisy is 3 months!

Maisy is already three months old! It's funny to me this time around with my second because I find myself begging time to slow down and for her to stay little, but then also being excited for her to grow because I know it gets so much more fun (and less exhausting) as they get older. 

Maisy Kate brings so much more adorable-ness into our family (which was already pretty adorable considering we have Graeme). Her smile is seriously the cutest thing ever.

This month, she rolled over from her tummy to her back. I was quite surprised because Graeme didn't do that until closer to four months old. Although, he had quite a bit more weight to swing around! She loves her play gym and smiles at all of her little friends hanging down. She hasn't quite figured out how to purposefully grab one of them, but when she accidentally does she is so excited. She doesn't mind tummy time for a few minutes here and there as long as she's not tired.

She's very close to laughing and she makes sounds that are laugh-like, but I don't feel confident in saying she's actually laughed yet. I remember the first time Graeme laughed was so magical, and I can't wait to experience it again.

I think her favorite thing to do is watch Graeme. Her eyes follow him all around the room as he plays and she gets big smiles on her face. She likes to sit next to him in the chair in his room and read books with us too. He has gotten a lot more involved with her this past month (even though he still mostly prefers for her to sit somewhere and he get all of the attention!) Some mornings he wants to pick her "beautiful bow," and he also included her name in a song he made up that lists everyone in our family (plus his Lovies, because he knows his priorities). Haha.

Maisy sleeps great at night once she falls asleep at the beginning of the night. Some nights it's a lot of us going in to burp her. Or hug her. Or feed her more. And some nights she goes right to sleep. It's hard to say. She still wakes up to eat once each night, but then after that she lays right back down and is asleep again. Most nights she eats at 6:00pm and is asleep by 6:30pm. We will dream feed her again sometime between 9:30pm-10:30pm. And then she usually wakes up to eat again around 2:00am-3:00am. Then in the morning I wake her up at 6:30am.

I have succeeded in creating one here we go again!

Graeme didn't drop that middle of the night feeding until he was closer to four months, so I am hoping sometime this month Maisy will follow suit! I mean, I would enjoy not waking up at 2:00am. I don't mind. But you know, it'd be nice.

Other things that happened during Maisy's third month of life were:

  • We stopped swaddling her. It took her a couple of nights to figure out how to fall asleep with her arms flinging around. She discovered that she liked having a Lovie next to her to hold. And we are working on the pacifier. Some nights she will fall asleep without it. And some nights we are so exhausted and spent that we just give in and let her have it to fall asleep. Ha. I really love that Graeme just lays down in his bed with his Lovies and goes to sleep with no trouble at all and sleeps the entire night. And he's been doing that since before his first birthday. So that is my goal with her too. Baby steps, I remind myself. She is a great sleeper for a three month old.
  • She became more skilled at holding her head up, turning her neck, tracking things and people with her eyes, and she doesn't mind her car seat as much. She also came to like her swing more because she did not prefer it as a newborn.
  • Her brother turned two, so we are no longer in the "Two under Two" Club. It was fun while it lasted. :)

We love our sweet Maisy so much and it's hard to remember life without her! How is she already one fourth of the way through her first year of life? I don't even know.

Her eyes are so pretty I can't even take it.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Graeme turns two

He's two.

Where do I even begin?

My little firstborn is not so little anymore. In fact, he's grown from 8 pounds, 6 ounces to 30 pounds, 2.5 ounces. Even more astounding is that he's gone from 20.5 inches to 37.5 inches (he's always flying right off those charts for his height!). In two years he's gone from being a little baby that basically only slept, ate, and cried (sometimes he cried...I mean he was basically an angel) to a little boy that can run and jump and imagine and talk and do so many things! (And still does his fair share of crying too!)

Graeme Grayson started off his third year of life on a bit of a downer...he had a stomach bug on his birthday. Thankfully, it came and went quickly. We will for sure never forget his second birthday (as much of it was spent cleaning up vomit), although I'm glad he will.

Even though his actual birthday was not as fun as we had planned, he did have a super fun Curious George birthday party the weekend before. For the second year in a row, a whole week of super warm days ended in a chilly day for our party at the park. It didn't rain though, so that was good.

It's hard to believe that he wasn't even walking at his first birthday. He's changed and learned so much in a year...

Since his first birthday, Graeme has...

  • Started walking...and running and jumping and climbing! 

  • Given up all bottles. This happened pretty quickly after his first birthday since he was only having one at bedtime at that point. He also gave up the pacifier around 15 months without much of a fight since he was only allowed to have it when we were out and about.
Sippy cups only...but only the ones with straws are allowed according to him!

  •  Added hundreds and hundreds of words to his vocabulary. He can repeat any word you ask him to and carries on coherent conversations with us. He is constantly cracking us up with things he says. Lately, he adds "honey" to the end of random sentences. "Thanks, honey!" "Let's go, honey!" He can count to 10, knows his shapes and colors, and he can help us read most of his books.

  • Travelled to Florida, Tennessee, Myrtle Beach, and Carolina Beach

  • Become a big brother! 

  • He's done a lot of other things, but I think we'll move on...

Graeme loves...

  • Trucks
  • Trains
  • Watching TV (Curious George, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and most recently, Cars)
  • Going to the park/playground
  • Playing outside with chalk and bubbles
  • Playing with Playdoh
  • Baths (especially bubble baths!)
  • Reading books (he has many of his books almost memorized)
  • Going to his grandparents' houses. And he loves his grandparents. He loves them all so much and I'm so glad he is close to them.
  • Helping work at Journey (and getting chocolate every time he is there from his various "chocolate dealers" that hook him up)
  • Milk and "Juice" (it's mostly water, unbeknownst to him)...I think he would live on liquid if that was an option
  • Cheerios (I feel like it's the most boring cereal ever, but he LOVES Cheerios and will often choose it over something more fun such as cheddar bunnies)
  • Changing the food he likes daily to always keep me guessing (Cheerios might be the only constant)
  • Playing "Run" (running up and down the hallway downstairs) and "Hide-and-Seek" (he almost always cheats and peeks though! Ha!)
  • His cousins and his neighbor Joseph...those are his friends that he is always asking for!
  • Penny (We are still unsure if he completely realizes she is a dog...the relationship between Penny and Graeme is too adorable. Right now, he still loves Penny more than Maisy. Ha.)
  • Maisy (Deep down, we know he loves her and will only love her more and more as they both grow. Every once in awhile, when he thinks no one is watching, he will be so very sweet to her.)
  • Daddy (he still doesn't pronounce the "ds" in the middle, so "Da-ee") Graeme and Aaron have bonded especially since Maisy was born. It's super sweet. His favorite thing to do with Daddy is read books!
  • Momma (every once in awhile he will say "mommy," but I'm still "momma" mostly). Graeme is a momma's boy through and through. And as much as he loves me, I love him so very much more. He is my little buddy and I wish I could bottle up all of his sweet hugs and smiles and the thousands and thousands of times I've heard "Momma!" this year.

Graeme Grayson, happy second birthday! Momma loves you too much to even say! I am so excited to watch you grow more and more this coming year, and I can't wait for all of the adventures we will have. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, Buddy! I am so glad God gave you to me and me to you. I love being your mom. Always.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Maisy Katherine is 2 months old!

Oh my, oh my! Maisy Kate is two months old today! It was a great day, although poor little girl had to get 3 shots this morning. She was quite fussy this afternoon and evening, but I'm hoping she can get a great night of sleep and wake up feeling like herself again tomorrow.

Maisy checked in at 10 pounds, 12.5 ounces (38%), and measured 23 inches (76%). She's on track to be a genius like her big brother with her head growing like it is...39.4 centimeters (84%)! I was very curious to compare her stats at two months to Graeme's at two months. He had her beat by everything, although he's a boy so he's supposed to be bigger anyway. He was 3 pounds heavier and almost 2 inches longer than her at two months. Their heads weren't too far off from each other though (his head circumference was 40.2cm).

Graeme and Maisy at the same age. 

Praise the Lord, Maisy is growing perfectly and we cannot thank God enough for a healthy little girl. She is such a joy in our family and we all love her so much! Even when Graeme gets a little jealous of her, I know he really does love her. The other day, unprompted, he went over and kissed her and touched her head and said "Awww!" So sweet. And last night, when he realized "Maisy has chair!" (I put a highchair at the table for her finally because she is now starting to be awake while we eat dinner), he was so excited!

If we want to have friends, we really need more chairs at our table now...

Two months into having two kids under two finds me loving this life. I'm not saying it's not hard, but I honestly really love it! Something about the task of figuring out how to accomplish things with two kids is fun to me. Whether it's getting everybody fed in the morning with the least amount of tears possible, or going to Target by myself with them to get groceries and avoiding major meltdowns. I would much rather tackle getting out of the house with them than stay home all day. A day at home is nice maybe once a week, but any more than that and Graeme and I go stir-crazy. 
We like adventures. So does Maisy. Even though she just sleeps through them right now.

I will say the baby carrier is a life-saver this time. I didn't wear Graeme too much, but Maisy goes in the Moby Wrap or the ErgoBaby at least once a day. Having a toddler makes the idea of Maisy taking all four of her naps at home in her bed impossible. Graeme and I would both be miserable. So, she is perfectly content to sleep in a carrier and I'm so glad for that!

Well, what else about Maisy?

  1. She likes baths, but she doesn't like getting out of them. 
    Haha this picture really does make her head look big!
  2. Her and her carseat have a love-hate relationship. If she falls asleep and the car stays moving, she's fine. But if she's tired (or hungry) and in her carseat, she is not happy. ESPECIALLY when the car has to stop moving.
    We were at a stoplight, don't worry.
  3. She eats every three hours during the day. She is pretty rigid on this schedule. She's typically not hungry before three hours have passed, but you had best not make her wait too much longer than three or she will let you know that she is starving to death. She never wants more than 4 ounces. We've tried, but she is perfectly content with 4 ounces or less.
    She was on a three hour schedule from day one. No complaints.
  4. Unlike Graeme, who could not stand to have his arms swaddled, Maisy needs hers swaddled and doesn't mind it. Her hands wake her up otherwise. Although it is her life goal to break our swaddles.
  5. She has her last "daytime bottle" at 6pm and goes to bed for the night. We have discovered that she has better nights without a "dream feed" (at least right now). We always did a dream feed with Graeme, but we may not need to do it for her. Most nights she will sleep from the 6pm bottle until around midnight when she will wake up to eat. And then she will sleep the rest of the night until 6am. I am kind of playing this by ear and will add a dream feed if we need to in order to instead have an 8 hour stretch from 10pm-6am.
    I forgot to mention anywhere else that I am IN LOVE with her hair.
  6. She has the prettiest smile and she loves to talk to us. Of course, by "talk" I mean make the cutest baby sounds ever. She stares into our eyes and has so much to say. She is also becoming great at following us with her eyes as we walk around and she especially loves to watch Graeme play. She has a strong little neck and holds her heavy little head up high to make sure not to miss what's going on.
    He didn't want to stop playing to take a picture. 
  7. She uses a pacifier but I won't be surprised if she trades it in for her fingers or thumb soon enough. We took Graeme's pacifier away at three months (although we eventually would give it to him in the car, on a trip, or in a restaurant) because we weren't up for the task of giving it back to him constantly so he could stay asleep. I'm not sure yet what we will do with Maisy and the paci. If she does trade it in for her fingers, at least we don't have to help her find those. 
    "Wait would take this away from me?!"

There's a little bit about our Maisy girl at two months old. Oh how the time is flying by. This time around, I'm of course sad that she is growing at the speed of light, but on the other hand, knowing what fun the future holds since I've already seen one baby grow, I also look forward to getting to new phases and stages with her. Each month truly is more fun than the last even when it doesn't seem possible.

We love you lots and lots, Maisy Kate!

It doesn't get much funner than playing dress up the cute baby girl.